Ren Zi

Ren Zi

About the artist
Ren Zi’s first public showcase in 2013 was funded through a Kickstarter campaign. More recently, in late 2015, his works were simultaneously presented in a solo at Charles B Wang Center, Stonybrook University, another solo in Singapore + a 2-person exhibition at OCBC Artspace. An autodidact, he has been awarded several grants from Singapore’s National Arts Council + Singapore International Foundation. He was a participant of the International Artist Residency at NARS Foundation in Brooklyn, New York. His works + shows have been mentioned/featured in traditional + online media, including the AsiaArt Pacific 2016 Almanac.

Ren Zi’s work explores the inner universe within each of us through the lens of mythology and themes of ceed, nation, homeland,home, tribe, family, motherfather and selfness. The scenery in his works represent the psychic landscapes (or as the artist prefers, psi-scapes) each telling a profound story of the human journey.


Ren Zi

Solo Exhibitions
2019 Singapore twilight, Art Porters Gallery, Singapore
2015 naming the bright & dark stars, Galerie Sogan/Jada Art, Singapore
2015 Reality Override, Charles B Wang Center, Stonybrook University, New York, USA
2013 between earth & void, The Factory, Singapore

Group Exhibitions
2018 I.D. (The Body’s Still Warm), Displacements @ 42 Cambridge Rd, Singapore
2017 Binary, Art Porters Gallery/Jada Art, Singapore
2016 The Peony & The Raven, Displacements: Lorong 24A Shophouse Series, Singapore
2016 Repurposing Nostalgia, Displacements: Lorong 24A Shophouse Series, Singapore
2015 ∍Δ∅∫⊥∞ : Invisible Frequencies, OCBC ArtSpace, Singapore
2015 Open Door Discourse, NARS Foundation, New York, USA
2014 Art Taipei 2014, Taiwan
2014 Büffel Art Project, Ion Art Gallery, Singapore
2014 Bring Your Own Beamer, Instinc Gallery, Singapore
2014 Our Elusive Here, Volvo Art Loft, Singapore
2013 The Affordable Art Fair 2013, Singapore
2013 The Art of Shopping, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

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