Wayan Novi

出生 1989
家乡 安斯里(巴厘岛)
生活和工作 印度尼西亚,日惹

以日惹为基地的巴厘岛艺术家Wayan Novi在他成长的简单乡村生活中,对日常物品的重要性和它们的美形成了独特的个人视野。诺维的画作描绘了他自己的生动回忆--在巴厘岛多山的Angsri村长大,那里的天气非常寒冷,而且 厨房.

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瓦扬-诺维(IWayan Agus Novianto)。

出生 1989
家乡 安斯里(巴厘岛)
生活和工作 印度尼西亚,日惹

Jogjakarta-based Balinese artist Wayan Novi has developed a distinctive
personal vision of the importance of everyday objects and their beauty in the
simple village life he grew up in. Novi’s paintings depict vivid memories of
himself – growing up in the mountainous Angseri village in Bali with its
pivotally cold weather, and the kitchen. The best place for his family
members and friends to hang out was always near the warmth of the
fireplace; in the kitchen. His intricate pictures reveal the details his eye
captures in and around this living space, and through this visual depiction,
narrates a series of stories around family, bonds and relationships.

Novi’s dedicated mark-making on a canvas forms an impressionable yet
neutral landscape for everyday objects to find their place. Having lived
amongst farmers since young, his pointillism embodies the philosophy of
agriculture and its spirit of hard work. Determination eventually rewards
success and invaluable growth. Every mark inscribed is as if a seed is being
planted, and with persistence, a beautiful harvest awaits the artist and the
viewer – the finished work of Novi.

瓦扬-诺维(IWayan Agus Novianto)。




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2008 – 2015 Faculty of Fine Arts – Institute Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta (ISI) Year

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2021 Tropical Happiness新加坡Porters艺术馆
2019 Flow Of Poem, Donna Art Gallery, Taipei
2018 Landscape of Memories新加坡Porters艺术馆
2015 Pameran Tugas Akhir “Benda-benda di Sekitar Menjadi Inspirasi dalam Seni Lukis”, ISI Yogyakarta

2022 Art Jakarta JCC Senayan, Art Porters Gallery
2022 Chance, Constellations, Art Porters Gallery, S.E.A Focus 2022, Singapore
2021 INFLUENCERS,  Alliance Française de Singapour
2021 YAA # 6 “TRANSBOUDARIES” Bale Banjar Sangkring
2020 Springtime In Francine, FXD Art Show, Taiwan
2020 Art Taipei, Donna Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan
2020 Yogya Annual Art #5 “Hybridity, Sangkring Art Space
2019 Sanggar Dewata Indonesia Yogyakarta, “SMASTA”, Sangkring Art Space
2019 Art Taipei di Taipei, World Trade Center, Donna Art
2019 马来西亚艺术博览会, di MECC Kuala Lumpur, Art Porters Gallery
2019 Art Jakarta JCC Senayan, Art Porters Gallery
2019 Art Moments Jakarta, Gandaria City
2019 YAA#4 “INCUMBENTS”, Bale Banjar Sangkring
2019 ADU DOMBA I – X, Bale Banjar Sangkring
2018 COMPOSING EQUATOR, Donna Art & Consulting, Taipei
2018 SDI Tribute to the Maestro I Nyoman Gunarsa, Gedung PKKH UGM
2018 SDI Proud to be an Artist, Syang Art Space
2018 YAA#3 POSITIONING, Bale Banjar Sangkring
2018 Art Expo Malaysia 2018新加坡Porters艺术馆
2018 Reflections, Puertaroja, Hongkong
2018 艺术舞台新加坡, Art Porters Gallery (SG)
2017 #2 November on Paper, Bale Banjar Sangkring
2017 马来西亚艺术博览会, Art Porters Gallery (SG)
2017 SDI Partitur, Jogja Galeri
2017 Art Stage Jakarta, Gandaria City
2017 Upgrade Lorong, Sangkring Art Space
2017 Terang Bulan, Pelataran Djoko Pekik, Yogyakarta
2017 艺术舞台新加坡, Art Porters (SG)
2016 Perupa Muda di Bale Banjar Sangkring, Yogyakarta
2016 Art Stage Jakarta, Art Porters (SG)
2016 Affordable Art Fair Singapore, Art Porters (SG)
2016 Bersama Kelompok Hitam Manis Goyang Dombreng, Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta
2016 Adu Domba #2, Sangkring Art Project, Yogyakarta
2015 Bersama Sanggar Dewata Indonesia Moei Indie Bali, Indie Art House,
2015 Bersama Robet Khan, Ada Budi di dalam Dirimu, Lawas Cafe, Yogyakarta
2013 Personalitas dalam Komunitas, Bentara Budaya Bali
2013 Bersama Sanggar Dewata Indonesia Taksu Sketsa SDI, UPT Galeri
2013 Salam Nusantara, Balai Budaya Melayu, Yogyakarta
2013 Suka Pari Suka, Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta
2012 Bersama Kelompok Hitam Manis, Sangkring Art Project, Yogyakarta
2012 Bersama Sanggar Dewata Indonesia Vibrant Vision Of Lempad, Sangkring Art Space
2012 Bersama Kelompok Hitam Manis Festival Salihara, Salihara, Jakarta
2012 Secangkir Kopi, Kelompok Palang, Sangkring Art Project
2011 Bersama Kelompok Hitam Manis GOENAWAN 70th, Semarang Galeri
2011 Solo Exhibition, Sanggar Dewata Indonesia, Galeri ISI Surakarta
2011 Bersama Kelompok Hitam Manis Motoring Art, Galeri Nasional
2011 Inagurasi Angkatan 2008 ISI Yogyakarta, Jogja National Museum
2010 Bersama JOGJA ART SHARE, Jogja National Museum
2010 Bersama Kelompok DETAK 08, UPT Galeri ISI Yogyakarta
2010 Kelompok Hitam Manis, Majapahit Dalam Senirupa, Museum Trowulan,
Jawa Timur
2010 Bersama Kelompok Hitam Manis, Tales from the Street, Griya Santrian Bali
2010 Bersama Kelompok Hitam Manis, Art Mall, Bazaar Art Jakarta
2010 Bersama Kelompok Hitam Manis, Kompetisi ICC Pandaan, Surabaya
2010 Bersama Kelompok Hitam Manis FKY XXII, Jogja Memang Istimewa, Benteng Vredeburg
2010 Drawing Lover #2, UPT Galeri ISI Yogyakarta
2009 Bersama Kelompok, DAKSINA, Galeri Sudana Ubud, Bali
2009 Bersama Kelompok Hitam Manis, Jogja Jamming, Biennale x Yogyakarta
2009 Bersama Hitam Manis PETRUK NAGIH JANJI, Bentara Budaya Yogyakata
2009 Bersama Hitam Manis, BAZAAR ART JAKARTA, Pacific Place Jakarta
2008 Bersama SHERING, Sekretariat SDI Yogyakarta
2008 Sketsa, Lorong Katamsi ISI Yogyakarta
2008 Cat Air, Lorong Katamsi, ISI Yogyakarta

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