Gary Carsley

Né à 1957
Ville natale Australia
Vies et travaux Wiradjuri country, Australia

Gary Carsley lives and works on Wiradjuri country, 200 kilometres west of Sydney where he maintains a modest hortus conclusus and a practice propagated at the intersection of the paradigms: artist, writer and contrarian.   His recent solo projects include The National – New Australian Art (MCA, Sydney) 2017, the 9th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (QAGOMA, Brisbane) 2018-19, Chromophilia (ICAA, New York) and Terra inFirma: Sovereignty and Memory, (Blacktown Arts Centre), both in 2020.


Gary Carsley lives and works on Gadigal land where he maintains a small hortus conclusus and a practice propagated at the intersection of the paradigms: artist and contrarian.  He is active across the domains of the image, live works, curation, writing and installation.  He believes that complexity and the arcane are effective sites of resistance to the collapse of value of labour relative to capital and choses to articulate his engagement with history and memory outside the binary of victim and perpetrator. His recent projects include The National – New Australian Art (MCA, Sydney) 2017, The 9th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (QAGOMA, Brisbane) 2018-19, Chromophilia (ICAA, New York) 2020 and Terra inFirma: Sovereignty and Memory, (Blacktown Arts Centre) 2020.   He first invited Renjie Teoh to collude with him on the major site-specific commission The Regency Made Me Blind for The National Gallery of Singapore, in 2018.


2022      the Illawarra Pavilion.  (as the ArtHitects) Wollongong Art Gallery.  Wollongong

2021.     The Brick Veneer Belvedere (as the ArtHitects) Cross Arts Projects, Sydney.

2020      Arbour Ardour Roslyn Oxley Gallery9 Sydney. (With Renjie Teoh)

2019      The Pavilion of Clear Memory When Scene From Waverley.  Bondi    

               Bondi Pavilion, Bondi Beach, Sydney. (With Renjie Teoh)

2016      Scenes From The Life of Paris.  H Gallery, Bangkok

              For and Against Nature.  Grey Projects, Singapour

2015     The Garden of Dr. Con Fabulator.  Centre for Visual Art.  New Jersey

              The Pre_Raphaelite Sisterhood’s Cubby.  Alaska Projects, Sydney.

2014     Sciencefictive.  IMA Brisbane & Kunstverein Ulm

              For and Against Nature, Grey Projects.  Singapore.

2013      A Tree Struck by Lightning.  Thatcher Projects, New York

               Sub-Dub.  Breenspace, Sydney.

2012.    Gardenesque, TORCH Gallery, Amsterdam.

2011.    The Garden of The Forking Paths, Sabine Schmidt Galerie, Koln.

               Gardenesque, C.A.C.S.A. Adelaide.

2010.    A Bush Knot, Griffith Artworks, Griffith University, Brisbane

              Ficton_Non_Fiction, Thatcher Projects, New York.

2009.    Bark Art, BREENSPACE, Sydney

2008.    You are Here, Thatcher Projects, New York.

               ReOrientalism, Sabine Schmidt Galerie, Cologne.

2007      Scenic Root, Level 2 Contemporary Projects A.G.N.S.W Sydney

2006 Looking at Works of Art in the Light of Other Works of Art, Artspace, Sydney

2005      Chemical Blonde, TORCH Gallery, Amsterdam

               Skirting the Issue, The Cross Art Projects, Sydney


2020.      MisFits. National Art School, Sydney.

               Terra inFirma Blacktown Arts Centre, Sydney.

2018.     9th Asia Pacific Triennale.  QAGOMA.  Brisbane (2018/19)

2017      The National – New Australian Art.  Museum of Contemporary Art,    


               Aura: Repetition, Reproduction and the Mark of the Artist.  Manly

               Museum & Art Gallery

               The Unflinching Gaze: photo media & the male figure. BRAG, Bathurst

               The Mnemonic Mirror.  Griffith University Art Gallery, Brisbane.

2016       Patternation.  Hazelhurst Regional Gallery.  Sydney

                The Mnemonic Mirror.  University of Technology Gallery, Sydney

                Its Timely Too, The Lockup, Newcastle

                Contour 556, Canberra Art Biennale.

2014       It’s Timely.  Blacktown Arts Centre.

                The Amusing Style.  Pavel Zubok Gallery, New York

                Acid Gothic  Galerie Pom Pom and Elizabeth Bay House, Sydney.

2013       Against The Grain.  Museum of Art & Design. New York.

2012 Untamed Wave Hill Cultural Centre, The Bronx NYC

There Was A Wold Once, Märkisches Museum, Witten. (Germany) .

2010       Hardbodies, Hazelhurst Regional Gallery, Sydney.

2009       ANIMAMIX BIENNALE – The Real Unreal.  M.O.C.A. Shanghai.

2008.      Wonder, Singapore Biennale, Singapore

2007.      Perfect for every occasion – Photography Now, Heide Melbourne

2006.      Ten(d)ancy, Elizabeth Bay House, Sydney.

2005       Surfaces Paradise, Museum voor Moderne Kunst, Arnhem


2021/22.    D.134 Xanthorrhoea (Walking on History) Sydney Football Stadium. Client Infrastructure New South Wales. Architect Phillip Cox

2018 D.116 Holding Up The Sky. Forensic Medicine & Coroners Court Complex. Client: NSW           Health Architects, Cox Architecture & Silver Thomas Hanley

2017 The Regency Made Me Blind.  The National Gallery of Singapore.

2012 D.101 Toohey’s Forrest.  Queen Elizabeth II Hospital Public Art Commission.  Client:  Departments of Public Works and Health (Queensland Government) Hames Sharley (Architects)

2009 D.87 Battery Park 4 Broad St, Manhattan. Loffredo Brooks Architects P.C.  239 cms x 900 cms

D.88 Istana Park Orchard Central, Singapore DP Architects and The Far East Organisation. A 3-storey, 530 sqm integrated artwork incorporating an immersive light and sound programmable environment.

2007 D.51 Parramatta Park, The Justice Precinct, Parramatta, Sydney Bate Smart Architects. A 23 x 7m  foyer of the Trial Courts Parramatta.


2021 Hey Daddy. Performance Space at Carriageworks, Sydney.

2017 Purple Reign. QAGOMA, Brisbane, 9th Asia-Pacific Triennale.

2017 The Phallus of Dorian Gary. The Imperial Hotel, Sydney.

2015 The Museum of UnNatural History. First Draft, Sydney


2019/20 RocoColonial. Hazelhurst Regional Gallery (Sydney), Bathurst Regional Art Gallery and Lismore Regional Gallery.

2014 It’s Timely.  Blacktown Arts Centre, Sydney.  (With Paul Howard)

2004 Take A Bowery.  MCA Sydney and 2005 Venice Biennale

2002 Cerebelllum.  The Performance Space, Sydney.

In December 2020 together with Architect Renjie Teoh I initiated the ArtHitects as a cross-cultural, intergenerational forum for the collusion of Art and Architecture.   the ArtHitects are currently based at The Clothing Store artists’ studios where we are developing a project for Carriageworks.

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